Director Steve Tice

Vision Brochure

May 30th, 2007

Remove the Confusion

At the Malverne School of Music we realize that learning music can be confusing - and confusion is definitely not fun! Understanding where the confusion comes from is the beginning of the solution.

- Comprehensive Learning
Our program is designed to balance the different types of learning that are required to become fluent in musical expression.
- Sequential Curriculum
We've packaged this program into a curriculum so you can know where you're headed and the steps that will take you to your destination.
- Accountability Reports
Through our unique practice chart and Web reporting system we can help to assure that your individual practice time at home is a positive reinforcement of what you've learned in your lesson.

Value the Individual

We all come to the experience of learning music from unique perspectives. Your uniqueness provides both advantages and challenges. Uniqueness is not a guarantee of success; only a starting point from which a caring teacher can begin to understand who you are and how to help you accomplish your goals. We're committed to serve you by utilizing the variety of perspectives of our staff of teachers through a team-teaching process. We also use a series of analytic tools to understand your own individual learning style and adjust our program to enable you to do your best in the most efficient way possible.

Build the Community

Possessing a program that removes the confusion and customizing that program to the uniqueness of each individual will enable you to be well on your way to a successful experience of learning music. But we believe we can do even more than that by bringing each student into a synergistic musical community. For some students this will involve classes in which your musical performance is enhanced though explanation of reinforcing concepts. For others it may be the enjoyment of hearing your performance blended together with that of other students in one of our ensembles. For many, this interaction is the key that encourages them to persevere in their musical studies.

April Letter

April 19th, 2007

April 3, 2007

Dear Parents and Students,

In our continuing quest to grow as a musical community we are breaking ground in two new arenas. We've had a web site for several years now but over the past several months we've been investing considerable energy to make our web site more useful. We'll be contacting you soon with information on how to best utilize, but you can help us today by emailing so that we can begin building an email list of all our students.

Our second initiative involves our expanded space that we entered into this last month. This new office space attached to our current location will allow us to expand our offerings to include several group programs in addition to our individual lessons.

For many years we offered ensembles for our students to enjoy being able to play and perform with their peers. When we moved out of our 4 Weber facility last year, we had to suspend those programs. I'm happy to announce we will be resuming our ensembles this month and adding other class programs as well.

We'll be offering a jazz ensemble, a woodwind and string ensemble and a vocal ensemble depending on interest. We also plan to utilize the daytime hours when we don't have as many classes in session to offer Music and Movement classes for our youngest students (3-6 year olds). In addition we'll be offering Musicianship classes that are correlated to our individual instrumental lessons and Music Theory and Appreciation for our more advanced students.

We have some flexibility in scheduling but we're planning to begin with Thursday evening and Saturday classes. If you're interested in any of these classes or if you have questions please email us at

We're excited to have the opportunity to grow this musical community together with you. Let us know how we're doing!

Steve Tice - Director